So where to start?

Do subs hold the power?

This seems to be a long standing dispute in dom/sub circles – with the ‘switch’ word being bandied about for any transgressors from the norm.

Subs, needing to be needed, can get a mild fix from friends, and family – the apology, the cleaning, the downward glance and a dip of the head. Obviously for maso’s it’s a bit harder (oh yes, mark me before breakfast, daddy-o (although that steps into a whole different ballgame)).

Doms, on the other hand, cannot, in polite society anyway, step out of our front door and immediately whip out our finest cat, cane, cuffs or whatever. A blade will get you strange, and worried looks in a supermarket. Best not go down that route!

We cannot launch forth with a tirade of fucking whore, slut, bitch, cunt. We must smile while drinking our coffee and reading the paper in the refined little cafe down the road, while secretly dreaming of our next playtime.

We can subtley manipulate, and push, but that’s about it, unless we step into the role of egotistical bully – and that really is a bad path for a dom to head down, in my opinion.

Are the doms that claim they have all the power in their relationships disassociating themselves from their human/e side? Is this out of deep subconscious guilt? We are all human and cannot escape that fact, no matter which end of the whip we stand.

As a last thought for now – blogs? Are they just wanking in the dark – sad, lonely, and a bit sordid, without an audience? A dom without a sub? A kink without a kinkee?